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We are dedicated tour company running successfully for past six years to provide you with fascinating Tours and Trekking destination through Bhutan from low lands to high Himalayas.

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Our itineraries clearly display the services that are included and excluded without any hidden costs behind. We take care of every logistics and details for your well being and comfort traveling. We ensure you that you get the maximum experience for every amount you pay.

With our pioneering and carefully designed itineraries based on the needs our guest, we are honored to offer you the excellent vacation, that you will cherish for life time.

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Got some queries for us? No problem. We got you covered. Drop us a message and we will answer you within 24 hours. Include your phone number incase if you want to be contacted through phone. We are more than happy to be at your service.

We are excited to announce that we found a new treasure that has never been explored before by the locals and remains mysteriously hidden from the outside world. Be among the first to trek these newly discovered gems.

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